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Willow Twigs

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The Hay Experts Willow Twigs are a natural treat for your bunnies and other small animals.

Sized To Enjoy

Hand-selected for optimum gnawing enjoyment The Hay Experts Willow Twigs are thinner than average making them easier to enjoy and more appealing to your little ones.

Each twig is generally well under 1cm and it's this smaller size which makes them different and stand out from the crowd.

Dental Care

Chewing on these yummy twigs naturally helps care for teeth by encouraging your rabbit to gnaw and chew - why not hide some around your rabbit and small animals habitat to create a boredom busting game? 

Pain Relieving

Willow is long thought to have therapeutic properties including pain relief for your rabbits, so not only do the sticks help prevent boredom but they are beneficial to health too.

    Size Guide

    Pack size: 100g. Twigs cut to approximately 23cm in length. Diameter variable (so product sold by weight not number of twigs), which is generally well under 1cm.