Happy Pet

Wooden Crayon Crunchers

The Happy Pet Wooden Crayon Crunchers are a natural and safe chew for your small animal, the wooden outer hides a delicious dried parsley and alfalfa treat inside the centre of each crayon.

Not only do these fun chews help prevent boredom but they can help keep your rabbit's teeth in good condition by encouraging them to gnaw.

Each packet comes with 3 wooden chews for your rabbits and small animals to enjoy. Made with 100% pet safe, plant-based dye. don't worry if the chew gets wet in your rabbit's water bowl, the colour will run but it is safe to your rabbit and non-toxic.

Colours supplied may vary.


  • Cleans teeth.
  • Prevents boredom.
  • Promotes natural chewing instincts.
  • A healthy boredom breaking treat.

Size Guide

approx 8cm