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Wooden Rattler

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The Wooden Rattler by Happy Pet is a versatile toy for all small animals from rabbits to hamsters, mice and guinea pigs! 

You might look at the picture and think it looks like a boring toy but in reality it provides your small animals with the ability to satisfy multiple natural instincts.

Whether they decide to gnaw the natural wood helping to satisfy that chewing urge or grab it in their teeth/paws to fling around! Many rabbits and other small animals enjoy being able to pick things up and throw them around which makes this toy a perfect choice.

When chewing it can help clean teeth and whether gnawing or throwing it can prevent boredom giving them a naturally fulfilling day.

NOTE: You may be supplied with the red triangle rattler or green circle rattler depending on availability.


  • Suitable for ALL small animals
  • Natural wood
  • Can be gnawed to help keep teeth in good condition
  • Can be thrown
  • Boredom Breaker

Size Guide

Approx length 9cm