May 01, 2017 2 min read

We wanted to celebrate the Easter holiday with Albie (and Kizzie of course!) so we asked him where he would like to go. After a little bit of thought, well actually about a second (!) Albie said he would like to go on a 'Walk in the Woods' for his Easter Adventures. 

So off we all went together.

Albie was very excited about what he might see and happily led the way along the forest path searching and looking for... well anything at all really! 

He was full of life and happy to be out doing one of his favourite things - sniffing new smells and exploring! 

With his nose up in the air and much tail wagging Albie found something, so he took Leigh to show him what it was, a special magical gateway in the hedges.....

And before we knew it we had all walked through the mysterious doorway and found this enchanted colourful Easter mask for all the forest dwellers.

Then Albie found some flags - he told us that the forest villages had put them there especially to celebrate his arrival!

As we walked further along the forest path Albie found us some beautiful flowers to look at, first he found some really bright pink ones!

And then he found a little stream (where there is water, there is an Albie!) which had bluebells scattered all the way along the edges of the bank.

He was so happy to have found his first Bluebells for spring 2017.

But soon Albie's tummy started rumbling and it was time for a sneaky Easter treat that humans and dogs could enjoy together. Chocolate was strictly off the menu (as we all know dogs should never eat chocolate) so we found a rather yummy meaty slice and all enjoyed a snack.

And as we left we found those friendly forest folk had left some more flags for us all to enjoy and Kizzie couldn't help but make sure she got into a photo!

So that was our Easter 2017 'Walk in the Woods', Albie had a wonderful time and is looking forward to going back!

Albie has his next adventure planned already and it won't be long until he is back in front of the camera as he goes looking for.... spring baby lambs (to look at from the safe confines of a dog lead!)