May 12, 2017 1 min read

On May 15th, 2017 our daughter Erica will be one year old.

The days, weeks and months since she was born seem to have gone so quickly but somehow it still feels like just yesterday that we welcomed her into the world. 

Below is a photo that was taken on Mothers Day 2017 and while we don't often publish photographs of Erica we wanted everyone to be able to join our celebrations because you have all played such a huge part in our lives the last few years and so many of you sent such touching messages when she was born. 

A sale to say thank you

We have put on a little sale with 10% off most products until midnight Tuesday 16th 2017, with any luck you will find something special for your dogs, rabbits and other small furries so that you can have a wonderful time together and make some new best memories.

Thank you

Amy, Leigh & Erica

Albie, Kizzie, Libby & Chuzzlwit