Retractable Explore

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The Kong Retractable Explore dog lead is ideal for the dog that likes to get out there and sniff everything possible on their walks!

Featuring a longer than average lead length your dog can enjoy seven and a half meters of freedom to roam and wander while out and about.

There is a soft grip handle with added grip support for your comfort and colour coordinated tape with an intuitive brake and lock mechanism to keep your best friend by your side while you enjoy your walk together.

The Kong Explore is part of a unique series of four retractable dog lead models each designed for different types of dogs and walking environments.


  • Soft grip handle
  • Colour coordinated tape
  • Seven and half meters length
  • Intuitive brake and lock mechanism
  • Suitable for use the dog who likes to explore

Size Guide

Size Length Weight Limit Coordinated Tape Soft Grip Handle
One size only (Large) 7.5m 50kg Yes Yes