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Mini Cool Chew


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The Pet Stages Mini Cool Chew is an innovative toy designed for teething puppies or to provide relieve in hot weather.

The entire toy can be placed in your freezer and the outer shell will freeze to help provide soothing relief for tender gums.

Once frozen the toy becomes 'crunchy' helping satisfy your dogs urge to chew (it's not a chew-proof toy!).

The tassles along the length at the ends of the toy provide interest and the mini Cool Chew will help encourage puppies to chew appropriate items giving them the very best training start possible.

Kizzie had this toy as a puppy and she loved throwing it around in the air before catching it again!


  • Ideal for your puppy
  • Can be frozen
  • Provides soothing relief when teething
  • Tassles provide added interest

Size Guide

approx 6.5"

Category: Puppy Dog Toys

Type: Dog Toys